Not in Inaba anymore (Open)


Chie had never been outside of Inaba, save for the few school field trips. And honestly, the world inside the tv didn’t really count in her mind as some place outside of her country town. While it was another world, the place was much too accessible. It may as well have been an extension of her hometown and world. 

Sighing, the female adolescent walked about the strange land near the house of the Crane. As she did this, Chie couldn’t help but hear odd noises coming from the woods nearby. “Geez, this has to be some kind of messed up dream, right?” Although it was easy to see that she was no longer in her hometown, she wasn’t yet convinced that any of this was real. Or at least, she wouldn’t believe it right off the bat. 

Although she wouldn’t normally do something so stupid, Chie decided that it would be best to pinch herself. How else would she find out whether or not this was real? After she did this however, a look of utter dread crept upon her features. Not only was she no longer in Inaba: She didn’t seem to be amongst her norm of civilization. How the heck was she going to eat? 

At the sudden thought of food, her stomache growled angrily at the brunette. Right: Chie didn’t eat at all since yesterday. “…I’m so hungry. If only I could find a restaurant or something.” She groaned out to no one in particular. But this place…something about it told her she was no longer in her time period. As if to confirm this, a winged creature came soaring towards her with tremendous force. Was that…a mythical beast? Chie wasn’t extremely familiar with her history, but she could tell when something looked ridiculously unreal. At least, from her perception anyway. 

“Protect me, Tomoe!” Chie called out loud without another word. Was she scared of this Stymphalian bird? Well, no shit, Sherlock! Yet Chie knew that if she sat idly by, she might die. As her persona appeared before her, a reassuring smile crept upon her features. Tomoe appeared, a large knight-like creature with yellow armor. After it did, Tomoe used the spell Bufula, which froze it temporarily.

Footsteps crept behind Chie in the midst of battle, the sound quiet, but audiable at the same time. Who was there? Were they a threat in this unknown world like the creature? Well, she was about to find out soon enough. “…Who are you?” The brunette asked, her stance defensive. Tomoe stood close by the girl, a soldier protecting this ‘prince’. 

And Chie wasn’t the only one in this unfortunate predicament, either. The poor maid was suddenly ripped out of Gensokyo, waking up in a world that seemed more ancient than her home…and way more Westernized. She originally thought that she had simply sleepwalked through the Forest of Magic, but after just a few flights around the area, nothing looked familiar at all. A gap prank by Yukari? But Sakuya hadn’t even done anything to disturb her! She had other priorities to attend to besides playing a silly maze game!

Not only that, but with the lack of any familiar faces (or anyone, really) around, the primitive environment and the strange black tattoo that had been rudely branded onto her thigh only made her hopes of getting back home dip even further. First objective would be to at least find any human being amongst the annoying throngs of hungry wild animals—

"Protect me, Tomoe!"

Oh, well, speak of the devil. Sakuya traced the close source of the voice, but it seemed like the brunette was currently preoccupied with some sort of hunt, so the maid hid low behind a large boulder. The proceeding phenomenon was very interesting though— the human seemed to simply be a plain city dweller, but with a single arm gesture and call, a deity was summoned so quickly to her aid! It was an interesting and familiar ability; a sibling of Yorihime, perhaps? That guess seemed a bit improbable though…

…Regardless, a human who can conjure supernatural existences was certainly strange. How about a small test of her abilities then while the opportunity still provided it?

Sakuya casually stood up made eye contact with the struggling creature, then to Chie. However, instead of stepping forward and giving a normal proper introduction like anyone would in any situation, she simply gave a warm smile—

—And then, in a sudden flash, threw a silver knife which struck one of the bird’s metallic wingtips, causing the bird to erupt in fury and dive towards Chie once again while Sakuya watched from her crude post.

"Do your best now, unless you would like to become bird feed~"

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Dodeka Theoi Application

Character Name: Sakuya Izayoi

Series: Touhou

Brief Biography: A young human maid who works and lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She does a maid’s duty perfectly: cooking, cleaning, washing, babysitting, knife throwing, etc. Her position is chief maid. Her personality seems perfect and elegant, but sometimes she shows a more spaced-out side, and at certain points she may seem very easy-going. Much of her history is unknown, since Sakuya Izayoi is not her real name; it was a name bestowed upon her by her master Remilia Scarlet, so there are popular theories such as Sakuya possibly being a Lunarian or a vampire hunter. Regardless, she repeatedly claims that she is human, and she is not a native of Gensokyo. She is unable to tolerate hot foods.

Personality: Sharp, aloof, refined, malleable. She can alter her manners and actions in accordance to the situation, and is quick with quips to diffuse tense situations or smooth out rough situations. Also has random moments of very strange logic at times.

-Silver knives
-Time manipulation (stop, reverse, slow down, fast forward)
-High knife proficiency (more of a trained skill; she’s known to be able to accurately strike an apple off a fairy’s head approximately 40yards away)
-Space manipulation (synonymous with time manip., can enlarge or narrow space which is also a reason as to why she can hold so many knives at once)